Goose Island Pub quiz night.


One of the most popular live events at bars and restaurants in Las Vegas is bar trivia & pub quiz events. Usually held weeknights, teams are ready to test their skills and show their inner geek. If you and your friends are trivia aficionados, your team could walk away with some great prizes such as free bar tabs, dining gift certificates and more. While many trivia night hosts go over the rules prior to the event, here are a few hints that will help your team play like the pros.

  1. Pre-Registration:

    Research local bars and pubs in your area to determine if they offer on-line registration as this will save you time. You and your team should select a few good trivia team names. Similar to Fantasy Football, names can be a pun on words or as creative as you want to get. After you’ve decided on a name for your team, make sure to sign up, pick up an answer and rule sheet, along with a pen or pencil. You’re now ready for trivia battle.

  2. Select the captain for your team:

    The captain is the person speaking on behalf of the team. It is best to keep your team to about 4 to 5 people. Too many and it will be hard to come to a consensus on trivia answers. Have your teammates give you a percentage for their answers. Example: Are you 100% sure of that answer or 85% sure of that answer? Go with the highest percentage of an answer.

  3. Diverse Team Knowledge:

    Make sure your team is diverse in several trivia areas. One member may be a sports expert while another is all about pop culture. Stay up on current events both local and national. Yes, you can study for bar trivia. Read or watch the news. Other areas to brush up on include music singles, album charts, U.S. Presidents, top movies, winners of recent and past sporting events and musical artists. Throw in some reality show winners and you should have a well-rounded team.

  4. No Cell Phones!

    It’s time to unplug! Modern technology has made it really easy to look up facts fast. Even if you must call someone or check messages – kindly excuse yourself or wait until halftime. You will be called out by the quiz host if they see a cell phone.

  5. Write down each question:

    . Designate a person to do this — preferably with good handwriting! Experienced quiz hosts can read several forms of handwriting but the neater the better and don’t abbreviate or use shorthand. Just because YOU can read it, doesn’t mean anyone else can. Don’t scribble or cross out answers if possible.

  6. Don’t shout out the answers:

    . As they say in Great Britain, it’s “Bad Form.”  It doesn’t matter if the answer you shouted was right or wrong, you’ll get called out by the quiz host. Also to note, if the answer is right, you may have just given it to another team. If it’s the wrong answer and your team or another team wrote it down, let’s just say you won’t be very popular.

  7. Don’t browbeat the quiz host on alternate or acceptable answers:

    If there is a break or at halftime – talk to the host to clarify the answer. Quiz hosts for the most part, are fair and will either look up the answer or make a call to find out. You might get the points if you handle the situation diplomatically rather than call out the host in front of everyone.

  8. Server Appreciation:

    The servers and bartenders can’t play, but if they are serving you food and drinks for your team and you ask if they know an answer, show your appreciation with a good tip.

  9. Keep competitive talk in check:

    Any time you mix brews and drinks with a large group, be sure to keep the competition chatter within the bounds of good taste. After all, it’s only a game.

  10. Have fun:

    Want to try a new place to flex your trivia knowledge? Check out Goose Island Pub at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Wednesday nights starting July 25 at 7pm. It’s all part of Gooses Wild Quiz Night for adults 21 and older.  So start getting that team together now and put your bar trivia to the test!