It IS possible to stay on a healthy regime even when you’re traveling to the entertainment and party capital of the world—Las Vegas. Whether you’ve embraced a healthy lifestyle for decades or have recently made changes to your diet and exercise routine, we’ve included some great ways to stay on track AND eat healthy on vacation.

Stay hydrated:

Instead of going for that extra snack, try water first. Experts say that people often mistake thirst for hunger.  Keep hydrated and be aware of your H2O intake, especially when enjoying the Las Vegas sun.

Have a game plan:

Just as you planned your vacation, do your research and plan where and when you are going to have your meals. There are healthy food choices on and off the Las Vegas Strip and many will customize your meal – just ask your server. Check out the menus at Mr. Lucky’s, and Pink Taco inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Both have menu items to satisfy and still eat healthy. If a buffet is on the menu, keep these tips in mind: Don’t sample everything just because it’s there.  Be selective about your choices and if you can’t resist, limit portions and make just one trip around the buffet. Although everything at a buffet looks tempting, pay attention to when you’re really full.  It’s okay to walk away when you’ve had enough.

Pick one meal to splurge on:

Keep in mind we’re talking about a cheat meal, not a cheat day. Experts say that you can maintain a healthy diet when following the 90/10 rule; 90% of the time the diet should be focused on healthy foods and 10 percent of the time can be focused on indulging your sweet tooth.

Go for salads and fruit options:

Remember the “five a day” moto while on vacation. Do five servings a day of fruits and vegetables which are low in calories and rich in nutrients. Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offers some healthy salad choices like the Garden Kale, with heirloom tomato, asparagus, avocado, pine nuts, parmesan with a lemon tahini vinaigrette.

Watch your alcohol intake:

Enjoy the Vegas party but be aware that not all drinks are created equal. If you’re watching calories, opt for vodka or gin at just 65 calories each. Light beer comes in around 110 calories and white and red wine ranges between 75 and 105 calories depending on the level of sweetness. Champagne might be a better choice at just 85 calories. Whichever you choose, make sure you follow up with plenty of water.

Pack healthy snacks:

Don’t leave cravings to chance. Be prepared and pack a healthy snack. Fresh fruit, trail mix or protein bars can also be purchased once you get into town. Hootenanny at Hard Rock Las Vegas offers a quick stop during the day.

Make room for exercise:

Avoid the guilt of not maintaining your workout routine while you’re away from home. Just about every resort in Las Vegas has a pool, fitness center or spa. Explore the fitness center at your hotel. Most offer access that is included with your resort fee. You’ll also find great pools so why not enjoy some sun and burn off a few calorie by swimming? Walk to your favorite Vegas spots and dance the night away during Magic Mike Live at Hard Rock Las Vegas or one of the many Vegas nightclubs.

It is possible to make smart choices while vacationing in Las Vegas. You can even plan your getaway around a fitness event like the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon along the Strip November 10 – 11 this year!