Las Vegas Show

No matter what kind of entertainment you enjoy…lavish production shows, iconic singers, the world’s top magicians, hilarious comedy, variety shows, or something sexy and sensual, no place compares to Las Vegas. There’s more going on here in any given night than most cities see in a month, or even a year. So how do you decide which shows to see and how to maximize your Las Vegas entertainment experience? By letting us help, of course.

Here’s our guide to choosing shows to see in Vegas:  


Ask yourself “How much do I want to spend?” This simple question will help you determine which type of show, and what time and day you see it. Vegas shows range dramatically in price. Typically, show tickets are $20 to $100+. Knowing your budget is an important factor to consider when choosing the show to see.

Type of Show

Vegas is home to all sorts of entertainment. After all, it’s the entertainment capital of the world. You’ll want to narrow down the type of entertainment you’re looking to experience. Are you in the mood to laugh, sing, relax, or be amazed. Vegas has everything from top-notch pop singers to the world’s top magicians. Knowing what mood you’re in will help you narrow your show choices.

Type of Evening

Along the same lines as the type of show, what type of evening are you planning? If it’s a date night you’re planning, consider dinner and show entertainment like Marriage Can Be Murder or V – The Ultimate Variety Show. If you’re planning a night out with friends keep it fun and focus on buzzed-about entertainment like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. If sexy and sensual is the type of evening you’re looking to set, try an adults-only show like Magic Mike Live  or Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. And if entertaining the kiddos is the goal…Tournament of Kings and Blue Man Group are our picks.


Sometimes you have an entire evening to plan, other times you have 90 minutes. If you have an evening to plan, consider looking for show packages. These packages often provide you with a VIP experience that may include dinner before the show, a look behind-the-scenes, the show itself and then an after-show experience. Depending on your budget and the experience you’re seeking, consider looking into show packages

From the entertainers to the show venues themselves, Vegas entertains like no other city. If you’re still making plans and looking for Las Vegas packages, specials and more, check out Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s offers. You’ll find ticket packages on concerts and discounts on a variety of hotel deals, property amenities and entertainment packages.