When you’re planning your trip to Las Vegas you have two choices: stay at a hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard, also referred to as “The Strip”, or stay at a hotel that is not on Las Vegas Boulevard, also referred to as “off-the-Strip”. On Las Vegas Boulevard you’ll find a number of iconic hotels and tourist attractions and you’ll be in the center of all the glitz and glamour. But, there’s more to Las Vegas than the 4.2-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road. In fact, getting away from the Strip often has its perks and benefits. We’re breaking down our top reasons for staying off-the-Strip.

Lower Room Rates

First up is price. You can often find lower room rates as well as better packages when you stay at Las Vegas hotels off the strip. But, a word of caution. Room rates can vary wildly. You’ll still want to choose the dates and times of your visit to Vegas wisely. Look to see if there are conventions in town, and more specifically, if there are events at the resort where you’re planning to stay. This will all factor into the rate you pay for your room.  Also, many hotels have a resort fee. It’s typically $10 to $40 per night. Off the strip, resort fees tend to be a bit lower.

Our advice? You can still visit the shows and casinos on the Vegas Strip, but think twice about paying a premium for sleeping there.

Free Parking

You’ll be hard pressed to find a resort not on the Las Vegas Strip that charges for parking. Free parking away from the Strip is the norm, which means you’ll have more money to use elsewhere…like at the casino or restaurants. While free parking may not seem like a big deal, it is when self-parking for 24 hours or more can run you $10 to $18 per day on the Strip, depending on the resort.

On a related note, we recommend renting a car especially if you’re planning to stay in Vegas for more than two nights. There is so much to see and do in Las Vegas beyond the Strip and you wouldn’t want to miss it because you didn’t rent a car. If you are absolutely against renting a car many hotels offer complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the Strip.

Fewer Crowds

Depending on the time of year you visit, more often than not, you’ll experience fewer crowds at the hotels and resorts that are not right on the Strip. This means a quieter and more relaxing experience. There are resorts though like Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Palms, both just a few miles from The Strip, that match the energy and excitement of Strip resorts. These resorts are large enough (multiple restaurants, shows, and pools) and wild enough that many guests find all they need right there.

Whether you stay on the Strip or off the Strip remember to sign up for a players reward card at every casino you visit. Sign up is free and you’ll usually get a gift just for signing up – free playing credit, discounts on food, shows, etc. It’s a great way to save money in Las Vegas.

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