For most people, Las Vegas conjures up images of glittering buildings, flashing lights, and buzzing casinos. However, those who have had the pleasure of indulging in the city’s steak scene know that it, too, is one-of-a-kind. Even celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Elvis regularly visited some of Vegas’ most famous steakhouses! Though not as iconic as the Vegas partying or gambling scenes, Las Vegas steakhouses are deeply rooted into the city’s culture.

To help you have the best experience possible, we’ve put together a comprehensive Vegas steakhouse guide.


What to look for in a steakhouse

One aspect of a steakhouse that is immediately apparent, even to the untrained eye, is whether or not it was created with authenticity and passion. Look for a thoughtfully orchestrated menu full of both twists and classics. The most respected steakhouses in Vegas tend to exude an element of style and craftsmanship both in their menus and in their atmospheres.

Next, do some digging to find out what kind of meat is offered. At a high-end steakhouse, the meat they serve will typically be displayed proudly on the menu. The best American cuts are “USDA Prime” and usually come from Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, or Texas. These places give the animals plenty of room to roam and graze freely. If the steakhouse serves Japanese beef, ask about the grade (look for A-5) and the Beef Marble Score (from 3-12). If you prefer a steak marbled with flavorful fat, look for a Beef Marble Score of 10 or higher.  Once you have chosen a steakhouse that offers quality beef options, it’s time to order like a pro.


What to order

When deciding what to order, think about your favorite foods. Do they tend to be comfortable and classic? Do they tend to push the envelope of what’s “normal”? Are they a combination of the two? This may be a telling sign of what you should order at a Las Vegas steakhouse. In this city, you can find dishes that fall on every part of the traditional-eclectic spectrum. Steak dishes may be served with traditional potatoes and veggies, or with more peculiar pairings. Explore the menu and ask for the chef’s recommendations, but ultimately order the dish that sounds the most appetizing to you.

As for the steak itself, this should be chosen based on the ratio of marbled and tender meat that you prefer. For a lean, tender cut, opt for a filet mignon. If you prefer a steak marbled with flavorful fat, go for a ribeye. If you’re not sure which type of cut you prefer, order a strip, as it is a combination of the two and tends to be a pretty safe bet. For optimal juiciness and tenderness, order your steak medium-rare.

Pairing your steak with the right wine, sauce, and sides can make all the difference in your Vegas steakhouse experience. A good rule of thumb to go by is the more marbled the steak, the bolder the wine should be. California Cabernets tend to pair well with steaks. When choosing the right sides to accompany your steak, it is always best to ask for the chef’s recommendations, even if you don’t end up going with them. The chef (and their expert palette) can recommend sides that will complement the steak without overpowering the flavors. The same guideline applies to sauces. High-end steakhouses typically make their own sauces and garnishes, which help to bring out the natural flavors of the beef.


Best steakhouses in Vegas

Just as Vegas has it’s most famous casinos and iconic nightclubs, it also has renowned steakhouses. Some are woven into the city’s history, while others have received massive praise for innovation. One thing they all have in common is the ability to quiet the bustle of the city by creating bliss with every bite.


MB Steak

Located in the famous Hard Rock Hotel, MB Steak pairs steakhouse traditions with modern luxury. The restaurant’s extensive collection of expertly-sourced steaks, hand selected wines, and chef-driven preparations make this steakhouse a treat for both steak novices and experts.

For a reason to visit this award-winning steakhouse, make a date for Valentine’s Day to enjoy our “aphrodisiac-inspired menu.” The four-course fixed menu is prepared by Executive Chef Patrick Munster and starts with an amuse-bouche course of oysters with strawberry-champagne granita to get your tastebuds prepared for beautiful shrimp, filet mignon, salad, and salmon entrees. End your dinner with an assortment of chocolate truffles for the perfect happy ending. Make your reservation today by visiting MB Steakhouse’s website, or by calling 702-483-4888. This limited time Valentine’s Day menu will only be available February 14th-February 17th.


Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres

Falling on the more modern end of the spectrum, Bazaar Meat serves up eclectic dishes like “Super-Giant Pork Skin Chicharron”. The chef gets creative with meat classics as well as lesser-known cuts and types. The menu’s creativity and variety set this joint apart from the rest.


Golden Steer

Celebrities have frequented this joint since its inception and it’s not hard to see why. As the northern end of the strip develops, the popularity of Golden Steer skyrockets. The nostalgia-inducing interiors and quality culinary creations make this place a prime hotspot for steaks and other dishes.

Amongst the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is a sought-after collection of prime steakhouses, each one featuring a unique style. Knowing where to go, what to order, and how to order will help you navigate your way through this world of delicious meats, even if you’re a beginner. A visit to one of these steak meccas is a must during your next Vegas trip.