The Hard Rock Memorabilia Exhibition opens Sept.27 and is located off the Paradise Road entrance, just before Pink Taco restaurant.

Installing the Hard Rock’s Farewell Memorabilia Exhibition

In just a few days the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas will open the specially curated Memorabilia Exhibition, a homage to the property’s 25 years in the city and to the iconic artists who have and continue to shape music.

If you ask Beau Dobney, exhibit coordinator at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, he’ll tell you he’s putting this commemorative exhibition together organically and with what works. That’s just how Dobney rolls. After years caring for and curating memorabilia, Dobney navigates the new exhibition space with ease – despite the fact it is opening in days and still a work in progress. What he doesn’t mention is that it’s an extensive undertaking. So what exactly does putting up a memorabilia exhibit entail? We present:

Five things you need to know about installing the Hard Rock Memorabilia Exhibition:

It starts with an idea

Everything starts with an idea and exhibits are no different. What if…we brought out memorabilia that hasn’t been seen in decades? What would that look like?

A story; an experience starts to take shape. A homage to the old school Hard Rock Las Vegas. A musical journey through the years. A showcase of hometown heroes.

Only after pieces are selected, drawings are created and the final design is reached can the exhibit start to be built. The 2,800 square foot Memorabilia Exhibition space was custom-built. Platforms were added, nooks were created and the flow of the space was developed. And, it’s only after the dust settles, that Dobney and his assistant can begin the actual installation of the pieces.

Object installation is the shortest part of creating an exhibit, but the most intense

With more than 250 pieces of memorabilia on display, Dobney individually selected each piece and in the coming days he’ll be mounting, installing and lighting each object. The process can take anywhere from minutes to hours depending on the object and the design. The exhibit has more than 50 mannequins, 60 pieces of artwork and hundreds of individual memorabilia. Not to mention a wall of TVs that will show content to make the exhibit an immersive experience.

It requires mental and physical flexibility

There’s a lot of energy that goes into the preparation and the installation for exhibits; standing, walking, and climbing. Not to mention, Dobney’s job is to care, physically and intellectually, for the Hard Rock’s memorabilia collection. This means he knows what each object is, what its story is, how to handle it properly and if it needs special care.

Lighting matters

Ever wonder why most exhibits are dark or dimly lit? It’s because light is damaging. Light causes things to fade and become brittle. Dobney and his team know how much light each object can handle and individually light each object. Lighting also sets the tone for the exhibit. It can create a feel of reverence that emphasizes the importance of the objects themselves.

With just a few days left until opening, it’s crunch time for prepping and positioning each piece. Dobney’s ready though, and eager to share the stories behind the outfits, instruments, artwork and more.

The Hard Rock Memorabilia Exhibition opens Sept.27 and is located off the Paradise Road entrance, just before Pink Taco Restaurant. Hours will be 11 am to 8 p.m. (dark Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and admission is free.