3lau performing at Rehab Beach Club Las Vegas

Ladies and gentlemen, pool season in Las Vegas has officially begun! If you’re new to partying poolside in Vegas, don’t expect much sitting or even swimming. Instead, expect music, dancing, and an abundance of bikinis…lots and lots of bikinis. Keep reading for the insider scoop on how to get into Vegas’ hottest pool parties, also known as dayclubs.

The Attire

First thing’s first. Not following the dress code is the quickest way to get denied entry. Here’s what you should wear to a dayclub:

Ladies, dress to impress. Bikinis and heels — a classic wedge or a nice flip-flop—leave the 6-inch heels in the suitcase. Be sure to cover up—until you get to the pool.  Don’t show up sans a sundress or shirt and shorts over your suit. You’ll get stopped by hotel security before even getting to the pool.

Gentleman, same goes for you. Don’t look sloppy with baggy clothes, gym shorts or oversized shirts. There’s also no jeans or pants, athletic wear or jerseys allowed at the pool either. And while we know you want to show off your six-pack, save it for the pool.

Keep in mind that some pools have a stricter dress code than others, but you’re safe wearing a swimsuit, sandals or flip-flops and a tank top, well-fitting shorts or swimsuit cover-up.

Vegas Pool Party Tip: Bring as few possessions as possible to the pool. Consider how to keep your cash and credit cards safe and dry—think waterproof armband, pouch, wristlet, etc. Some dayclubs have lockers available for rent, but it’s best to leave all your nonessentials in your hotel room. Never bring in glass, outside food or drink, luggage, backpacks, oversized bags, over the counter medications, prescription drugs or any illegal substances, vapors or video cameras.

The Costs

There are several options to get into a pool party, some better and cheaper than others.

  • Pay Cover:  Guests (especially males) can expect to wait in line and pay a cover charge at dayclubs.
  • Presale Tickets:  Avoid the hassle and get fast entry with presale pool party tickets. Pre-buy your tickets online.
  • Guest List: Check out the dayclub’s website to get on their guest list which may also speed up your time in line.

Vegas Pool Party Tip: VIP packages are also offered and might seem more expensive, but could be more cost effective when you have a larger group. By purchasing a VIP package you’re basically guaranteed entry. Similar to bottle service at a nightclub, a dayclub VIP package usually includes a minimum spend that gets you seating with table service, bottles and mixers.

The Dayclub

Now that you know the pointers for how to get into a Vegas pool party, which pool party scene is the best? It really depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for, but if you want a tried-and-true pool party, look no further than the iconic, Rehab Beach Club at  Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, celebrating its 15th Anniversary this season.

As the originators of Las Vegas daylife, Rehab Beach Club is like Spring Break in Cancun – think sandy beach, lots of towering palm trees, plenty of tasty cocktails and college-aged partygoers. There’s bottle service delivered via a pirate ship, shotskis, champagne showers, and jello shot injectors, and the DJ booth was recently revamped, with large LED screens, smoke machines, and water cannons.

Sound like the place you want to be? Buy tickets and check out their event calendar now.